Physics 11 Grade – 1 term

Physics 11 Grade - NIS
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Cassinillo Riel, Werdene Williams, Zhakupov Nursultan, Bilyalova Ainagul, Karatayeva Nazym, Karimova Nazymgul, Tashev Galymbek, Karibzhanova Assel

Physics teachers in NIS CB Pavlodar

Recommended prior knowledge

Students studied Physics in secondary school. They are able to use a variety of measuring instruments for measuring the base and other quantities. These include: micrometer screw gauge, electronic callipers, rulers, tapes, measuring cylinders, stopwatches, stop-clocks, electronic balances, newton-meters, ammeters (multimeters), voltmeters. Thermometers and protractors.

Learners know scalar and vector quantities. They are able to construct graphs and use trigonometric functions in problem solving.


Fundamentally, Physics is a quantitative subject and the measurement of physical quantities lies at its very heart. At all levels of education, from the very earliest stages all the way up to university research, measurement that is as accurate as possible is essential. Consequently the ideas and skills that are dealt with in this unit are not only relevant to all other parts of the subject programme but they are also important wherever science, engineering or technology are studied or practised.

The distinction between scalar and vector quantities will be applied throughout the remaining units but is especially significant in Unit 2 – Mechanics – where the difference between these two types of quantities is important. The use of equations to express relationship and the importance of their being homogeneous is also found in the rest of this subject programme.

The handling of experimental errors and uncertainties applies wherever a quantitative investigation has been made and is even of significance in a subject such as astronomy where uncertainties tend to be large and where distinguishing between what is clear evidence and what is merely a suggestive observation needs to be undertaken and understood.

Language objectives of physics in this unit

A sample language objective with related academic language for learners is provided below.

Ref.: 11 Grade Physics Advanced level – Course Plan

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