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Term 3

3А  Oscillations and waves

Investigating and describing oscillatory motion

Simple harmonic motion

Forced oscillations and resonance


  • Advanced mathematics
  • Graphical interpretation
  • Use of simulations / virtual laboratory
  • Independent investigations

Independent research and feedback

3B Thermal Physics

·         Surface tension

·         Kinetic model and molecules

·         Ideal gas laws

·         Laws of thermodynamics

·         Isoprocesses

·       Heat engines


·         Delicate manipulation and careful measurement

·         Algebraic manipulation

·         Temperature, pressure and volume measurement

·         Understanding energy and work

·       Using P-V graphs

3C  Geometrical Optics

·         Spherical mirrors;

·         Huygens’s principle;

·         Refraction in prisms and blocks;

·         Use of the lensmaker’s equation and the thin lens formula;

·       Lens aberrations.


·         Drawing accurate ray diagrams;

·         Rearrangement of formulae;

·         Application of two-stage numerical problems;

·         Practical work: obtaining and making measurements on images with mirrors and lenses;

·       Observation of lens systems and the effects of aberrations.

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Zhakupov Nursultan

Physics teacher in Nazarbayev Intellectual school, Pavlodar.
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