Подготовка к МЭСК 12

Physics A-Level, Ученику
  • 36 урока
  • 0 тесты
  • 10 week продолжительность


The study of physics at school is an important preparation for life in the modern technological world. During the course of study learners should learn how to make observations, to classify and to understand physical phenomena and to offer explanations of those phenomena. Special emphasis should be made not only on the acquisition of subject knowledge and abilities, but on the education of an informed and critically thinking citizen, capable of comprehending scientific questions in a social and personal context. 


The ability to solve problems in the course of studying physics arms learners with skills and abilities and promotes the development of scientific thinking. As a result of the acquisition of physical knowledge the foundations are laid for a scientific outlook which assumes a deep understanding of natural phenomena, the ability to explain and describe independently these phenomena using academic language, the ability to set goals and plan how to achieve them.


Conscious assimilation of a system of physical knowledge promotes the development of memory, attention, imagination, mental capabilities and the development of aptitudes and talents.


Applying the acquired scientific knowledge in practice, learners will be able to understand the role and achievements in physics in various areas of human activity such as technology, communications, medicine, agriculture, industry and power.


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