Simple Explanation of Static Electricity

Static electricity is the imbalance of electrical charge on an insulated material.

Static electricity is caused by the transfer of charge (transfer of electrons).

One method in which electrons can be moved or transferred is by rubbing two insulators together. Rubbing causes friction between the two surfaces increasing the surface contact and allowing more electrons to be transferred.  The object which loses electrons becomes positively charged and the one that Circuits the electrons becomes negatively charged

Attraction and Repulsion

When a object gets charged it is either positively charged or negatively charged. An object would be positively charged as there are less electrons then protons. Or an object would be negatively charged is there are more electrons then protons. Most object are neutral (they are not charged) this is because they have an equal amount of protons and neutrons. However the number of the electrons can be changed by rubbing two substance together. This only works with insulators.

When two objects that have the same charge (positive and positive or negative and negative) they will repel. However if you get two objects with opposite charges (positive and negative) they will attract.)

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